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  • New Estimating Software for all your estimating needs, suited to roofer, plasterers ,builders, painters, tilers, landscapers, pre - cast estimating, framers, brick and blocklayers, carpet layers, pavers, riggers, developers, civil, rural, structural, plumbers, electricians ... the list goes on and on.
  • Open PDF files or take a screen shot of the drawing, scan or load a satellite image.
  • Works with any file you can open on your computer.
  • New Custom Menu which allows you to add assemblies/subitems and save them so you can include them in any takeoff with one mouse click.
  • Mark-up plans - Insert clouds - Insert multiline text - Draw lines and items.
  • TakeoffExpress will easily extract linear and square area dimensions or a item count from any file you can open on your computer or even from a satellite image.
  • Fully customizable material catalogue for building your own material library.
  • Count multiple items such as bearers, joists, studs, posts, stumps etc.
  • A new wall framing tool.
  • Use all the windows colours to highlite different items.
  • Zoom window to make clicking on items more accurate.
  • New Measuring tool for checking lengths.
  • Load a partially completed or incomplete job.
  • Automatic save function incase of power off.
  • One click export to excel or open office.
  • Also produces a picking slip in excel.
  • Easy to use, be up and running in less than a hour, free remote access training and support.

3 Easy Steps
  1. Use any file or load a satellite image.
  2. Set the scale.
  3. Start the takeoff.

Use Goole Earth to site measure from satellite images [click image to zoom]

Slab Takeoff [click image to zoom]

Brick wall takeoff

Main menu's

Clean-up Tool [click image to zoom]

Cloud Tool [click image to zoom]

Insert text [Markup drawing] [click image to zoom]

Material catalogue [click image to zoom]

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