NEW VERSION - MetalRoofingExpress v2.5 © 2009

This latest version has a range of new functions to make digital roof, cladding and soffit estimating even easier.

  • New Metal Roofing Software, 4 years in development and 1 year real job testing
  • Estimate from any digital file [pdf - jpg - doc - xls - etc etc]
  • Now has a option to autmatically insert pricing
  • New magnifing view to zoom the area around the mouse pointer
  • A new count tool for counting items, easily count roof penotrations etc
  • Produces a picking list combining identical items on a second excel spreadsheet
  • A new option to set a autosave function in the takeofflist
  • Designed, developed and tested by a metal roofer
  • Best value Metal Roofing Software on the market, at 75% less than the price of the current available software it makes good investment sense
  • Easy to use, be up and running in less than a hour, free remote access training and support.

3 Easy Steps
  1. Take a screen shot of the drawing.
  2. Start MetalRoofingExpress ©2009 and open the screenshot.
  3. Start the takeoff.


Open a pdf

A new zoom window

A new autosave function in the takeofflist

Using MetalRoofingExpress video



Expectations were meet with the program as it gives you the whole take off on a excel sheet all I do is add the prices. The screen shot is great after the lines have been drawn on them to refer back too.

Benefits are its all on computer and not having to have a million folders to keep all your hard coppies in. A house take off is really quick all the trig is all ready worked out for you when you put your roof pitch in. Biggest thing is Mike provides me with support when ever I need it. You don’t get that support any where else.

Any one in the roofing game should have this system its great.

Daniel Sweet Roofing
Sunshine Coast QLD


Contact info:

  • Australia - MetalRoofingExpress ©2009 - contact Mick for more information and payment details